BGS Member's Interests

The BGS Member's Interests list contains the names that our members were researching, or were interested in, at the time that they joined the society and that we have not since been notified about any changes. However, we cannot guarantee that all the names are still valid.

Type a name in the box, and click on the search button to retrieve a list of BGS members researching that name/s.

The results of a search will give a) the name being researched, b) the member's BGS membership number, c) where the name is being researched, d) the date of interest (if applicable) and e) the issue of the Society's publication, 'The Bucks Ancestor', in which the interest was published.

The members interests on this site cover from 1995 to the September 2008 issue of the Society magazine. Click here to find out how to obtain contact details of our Members, inluding those who joined prior to 1995.