BGS Member's Details

Contact addresses for our members are available as follows (Non-members should refer to methods 2 and 3):

1) If you are a current member of the Buckinghamshire Genealogical Society (BGS). The addresses of other members are available on request by emailing Greg Davies.

2) By purchasing back issues of the society journal, 'Bucks Ancestor' in which the members details were published. Please email Mrs Eve McLaughlin for details.

3) By purchasing the society publication, 'Directory of Members' Interests 1995-1997'. This publication is available in printed format and also on microfiche. Please email Mrs Eve McLaughlin for details. Please note also, that in the publication, only Members Interests prior to 1998 appear. For details of members whose interests appeared in the society journal since the beginning of 1998, please see option 2 above.

The society also sells a publication 'Directory of Members' Interests 1992-1994' (in printed format only), the surname interests in this are not included on the web pages. If you are interested in this, then please email Mrs Eve McLaughlin for details.




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