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6. Date: 2nd October 2017 00:45
Name: Greg Cliffe
Comment: I am trying to determine whether George Potter born 1584 in Clerkenwell, London is the son of Robert Potter b 1566 Newport Pagnell and Elizabeth Marshall b 1570 i Abbotts Ann, Hampshire. I have conflicting information. George Potter may have been a brewer in London. The connection is tenuous but I need to confirm the Buckinghamshire connection.Best Regards, Greg Cliffe.
7. Date: 21st May 2017 08:19
Name: Mike Wright
Comment: Hi, found in passing really, i'm quite far into my research at the moment and looking at other avenues to support this- so nice to find local interested groups!My research? Well, Wright originally seems to be from Stoke Goldington, where i can find links back to 1600's. The family, it seems have links to the major villages in North Bucks, namely Astwood, North Crawley and surrounding Hamlets. I am currently working on a link to Olney and Thomas Wright.
8. Date: 27th April 2017 05:12
Name: Mike Hilson
Comment: My mother was born in and grew up in Beaconsfield and Much of her family came from the South Bucks area. I am researching Robert Child and especially his wife Katherine, married around 1536, possibly in Amersham. It is reported on a number of genealogy sites that Katherine's maiden name was Hampden but she, in my opinion has been confused/combined with another Katherine Hampden of Wivelsfield, Sussex. In order for the 'erroneous' genealogies to be correct, she would have had to have been married to two husbands at the same time in places over 70 miles apart: a fair task in the 1550s. There is much evidence of the Hampden family in Great Hampden and a line of descendants continuing to this day. I cannot find any reference to a Hampden by the name of Katherine but I feel certain that she must have been descended from a branch of the family going back a number of generations before 1500.Katherine Child (probably Hampden) was my 11 greats grandmother. Child is rather a difficult surname to research as every generation and family tree seem to have an unknown youngster for whom the first name 'child' gets used.I shall be in England this summer to do a little more hands on research but in the mean time I look forward to any suggestions and information that anyone can offer.Mike Hilson
9. Date: 10th April 2017 21:29
Name: Pamela Hinman
Comment: I'm researching my mother's Potter ancestry and have traced them to Robert Potter (b.1571, Newport Pagnell, Bucks, d. 1627, Newport Pagnell). I believe he is the son of Thomas Potter (1550?-1595) and Isabel Sumner (1543-1613). I am interested in knowing if anyone can verify that I have the right Thomas Potter as the marriage date to Isabel is listed as 1563, which means he would have been 13! I am also interested in knowing of anyone in the area who also traces their roots to this family. I will be visiting the area in early August, 2017 and would love to attend a meeting or tour.
10. Date: 16th January 2017 20:14
Name: Jay Hearn
Comment: Greetings, I've been researching my Hearne family of Sherington for the last several years. My 8th great- grandfather, Thomas Hearne was married in St. Laud's to Mary Bassett in 1628, per the Bishop's transcript of the Parish Registry. His eldest son (my 7th great) was apprenticed to a Founder in London in 1643 and became a "Citizen & Founder of London" at his death in 1679. I'm always interested in those in and around the northern part of Bucks doing Hearne family research!
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