Bucks Ancestor, Contents
June 1996, Volume 5 No. 2
New Members + Their Interests, centre pages
From the Secretary, centre pages
Programme, 31
New Publications - Stony Stratford, Gazateer + Registrars, back cover
The Real East Enders -Robert Barltrop, 32
Your Manorial Ancestors - Eve McLaughlin, 38
Pins and Needles - Tony Brown, 42
Some London Archives, 37
Long Crendon Needlemakers: Eve McLaughlin, 45
Some Wycombe Independents: Eve McLaughlin, 53
Posse Computatus - Barney Tyrwhitt-Drake, 53
Record Office + Repository News, centre pages
A Gun for Tiza - Marion Holledge, 46
George Griffin - Man of Parts - Deryck Bell, 48
Don't Putt Yr Daughter to the Trade - David Silvester, 50
Old What's His Name: Eve McLaughlin, 41
Daddy, Look What Tommy's Found - Barney Tyrwhitt-Drake, 51
Christianity in Thornborough - Roy Hurst, 51
See Aylesbury and Die: Roy Hurst, 52
In-Law Trouble 1931: Eve McLaughlin, 52
Book Reviews: Memories of Preston Bissett (Rayner), and
Protestation Oath etc (Gibson), 55
What's That in Real Money - Barney Tyrwhitt-Drake, centre