Bucks Ancestor, Contents
June 1993, Volume 2 No. 2
New Members, centre insert
From the Secretary, 28
Programme, 27
What we are Doing, 56
Latest Publictaions, backcover
Soldiers' Discharge Papers: Lesley Wynne-Davies, 30
Black and White and Read All Over: Eve McLaughlin, 34
The British Way of Death: David Silvey, 39
Bucks Newspapers and Copy Location, 37
Parish Constables 1711, 46
Bucks County Council Members in 1910, 50
Storm in a Teacup: Leonard Woodley, 45
The Lost Sheep: Leonard Ing, 48
Sermons in Stones: Peter Quick, 49
Hull, Loosley, Pearce of Wycombe, 43
Some Bucks Surnames: Eve McLaughlin, 52
Workhouse Rules for Olney, 54
PRO Kew, 26

Book Reviews:
Poor Law Unions + Gazetteer (Gibson et al), 55
Wilts Machine Breakers (Chambers), 33

Bucks Advertiser 1881 extracts, 38