Bucks Ancestor, Contents
March 1997, Volume 6 No. 1
New Members, centre pages
Programme, 3
Library note, back page
The Service Industry - Eve McLaughlin, 4
The Name's the Same - David Chilton, 16
Gathering of the Clans - Roy Hurst, 20
Servants of W.E. Gladstone; Sir Harry Verney; T. Tyrwhitt-Drake; Lord Chesham; Leopold Rothschild, 12
Changes at the Bucks CRO, 2
Bloomsbury - Harry B Southcott, 24
Ungodly Doings in Little Brickhill, 25
The Beer, the Whole Beer - Eve McLaughlin, 26
Lager Louts 1829 Style - Eve McLaughlin, 27
More Gurney Gossip - Roy Hurst, 28
If You Want Something Done...! - Barry Plater, 29
Are You Sitting Comfortably? Yes If You're a Deverell, 23
The New Publick Record Office - Barney Tyrwhitt-Drake, 30
PRO Workshops and Exhibitions, centre
Fairs and Meetings, centre
Goodbye Chancery Lane, Hello Myddleton Place, centre
Football Hereos - Barney Tyrwhitt-Drake, 30
LDS Family History Centres - latest, 31
Leicester Record Office - Jane Solomans, 32
The IGI on CD-ROM Revisited/ Watch the BIRDIE, 34
Web Publishing; Computer Program Update, 36