BGS Programme of Events

SOUTHCOURT COMMUNITY CENTRE, Prebendal Ave, Aylesbury (map) (any alteration to the location, or date will be indicated on the timetable below).


SATURDAY August 10th

No meeting.


SATURDAY September 14th

DUNKIRK: The Little Ships Paul Barnett tells the story of the multifarious fleet which sailed to rescue the army from France in 1940, to fight another day.


SATURDAY October 12th

THE MYSTERIOUS AFFAIR AT WAVENDON former PC Len Woodley continues his foray among the bad lads of Bucks with an unsolved crime in north Bucks.


SATURDAY November 9th

WHAT I LEARNED FROM DOING MY DNA advertised as the magic replacement for actual research, should we bother? What do the results mean and is the ethnicity information accurate, and where do we go from here?

Tony Hadland has tried several kits and can make sense of the process.











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